Tiggo7 and CVT 19 Have Won Great Performance



    On March 5, 2017, China Top 10 Transmission Awarding Ceremony was concluded in Beijing. Wanliyang CVT19, the only awardee by Chinese complete design and engineering, was also the first one of this kind in macro-production. It can simulate 7 gears. Arrizo5 and Tiggo7 are equipped with CVT19.


    On February 25, 2017, Chinese Circuit Offroad Championship was finished in Dolon Nor, Inner Mongolia. It was the first time for Tiggo 7 to compete with international car models on freezing icy track. Tiggo 7 finally won two champion titles in both individual and group competition by petroleum manufacturer team.


    COC 2017 is consisted of 12 stops. It is the second time for COC to introduce icy track competition except the first time in Hulunbuir 2013. Compared to sand and earth roads, Dolon was covered by snow and ice, more muddy and slippery. It was more challenging and tougher to drivers and vehicles. Howerver, Tiggo performed well and had achieved “zero faults” during the 4-day session. Besides, IPTV (Incidents per Thousand Vehicles) from Chery cars was 25, lower than than the average of JV cars at 30.


    Translated by Li Junting from Wuhu FAO