3D Printing Courses Are Introduced To Local Schools


    On April 20th, the launching ceremony of “3Dp courses into schools” kicked off in Wuhu No. 2 Middle School. Since the very beginning of the autumn semester last year, over 110 local primary and middle schools have equipped with 3,000 3D printers and consumables. In the past six months, those schools have built scientific 3D course teaching system based on their own characteristics. Discussion panels, students’ societies, makers’ classes, printing workshops have been set up. Those activities have aroused the students’ interest and promoted the coverage of 3Dp technology.


    So far, seven editions of 3D training classes have been held for the teachers. With the support of Wuhu Municipal Bureau of Education, 3Dp has been brought into teenager innovation competition.


    After the ceremony, teachers and representatives from schools were trained by professors from Anhui Polytechnic University.



    Translated by Li Junting from Wuhu FAO