The 2nd Wind Farm in Wuhu


    A 110KV wind farm in Wuwei county, Wuhu city has transformers and generators in operation recently, which signals a second large wind farm in the same county after the first one appeared in 2014.


    The wind power project is invested and constructed by Huadian Fuxin Energy Limited Company. The capacity is 50MW in total with 23 wind turbines and 1 step-up substation. Once it realizes an on-grid power of 102,493,000 kwh, it is estimated that 30,700 tons of standard coal will be saved per year compared to traditional consumption in coal-fired power plant. Besides, dust, smoke and other   pollutants will be greatly reduced, equaling to 79,900 tons of carbon dioxide, 737 tons of sulfur dioxide, 215 tons of nitrogen oxide. Economic and environmental benefits stand out.


    Wind, PV and new-energy are developing fast in Wuhu. As of April 2017, the operational wind farm and PV power station have a respective capacity of 170 MW and 310MW. Furthermore, the capacity of PV station in Wuhu ranks the third in Anhui province.


    Translated by Li Junting from Wuhu FAO