“Made In Wuhu” Attracts Wide Attention On The Expo Central China 2017


    Expo Central China 2017 is staging for 3 days in Hefei, capital of Anhui province in central China since May 17th. Over 20 Wuhu-based manufacturing enterprises take part in the expos.


    Expo Central China, the exclusive comprehensive national platform of business and trade in central China, was approved by the State Council in 2006. The ECC is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and six provincial governments in central China. It is the second time for Anhui to organize such an extravaganza. More than 50 hi-tech products from Wuhu are on show, such as automobile, aircraft, air engine, 3D printer, numerical control machine, AR intelligent product, panel display, special cables.


    FV2030”, a concept car model from Chery, is equipped with pixel glass for car window. It is free to switch among transparent mode, semi-transparent mode and totally enclosed one. Drivers are available to get a private space or enjoy outdoor scenery. It is quite interesting that the energy collection system of the tyre hub can be charged wirelessly. The all-in-one design of tyre and hub makes the vehicle play the best performance. The hub is magnetic.


    CETC Diamond Aircraft Co., Ltd takes its DA42-VI model to the Expo. The model is equipped with two diesel turbo engines, assuring long-distance flying. DA42-VI is welcome not only among individual buyers but also the first choice of aeronautical institutes to train flying. Moreover, Wuhu has plane engine manufacturers. Engine is the heart of a plane. Such products as AEC 2.0 from Wuhu Diamond Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd, heavy-oil engine from Anhui Haery Power Co., Ltd are representatives of Wuhu aircraft engine producers. Gradual opening of low-altitude airspace in China is in the offing and pent-up demand of the engines by the general aviation industry is on the rise.


    The servant robot made by Wuhu HIT Robot Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd is communicating with visitors. It can deliver dishes, welcome guests and be a guide in restaurants, hotels and shopping centers. The robot is able to navigate automatically equipped with automatic collision avoidance system and wireless control system through smart phones and computers.


    Quantum information science is built upon basic principles of quantum effects in physics. It takes the inherent security risks which usually appear alongside with classic encryption technology under control. It is the only identified way of unconditional securing communication (or Information-theoretic Security).Quantum Key Distribution Terminal, a plan worked out by Anhui Quasky Science Co., Ltd is adopted with state-of-the-art phase encoding, which has been licensed by related Chinese, American and Japanese patent authorities. Besides, the plan was given the first prize in technical invention awarded by national Ministry of Education. As a core element, it is also recognized as the most secure solution of quantum coding communication in the world.


    Wuhu Qiuhua Insulation Materials Co., Ltd is a hi-tech enterprise in energy-saving constructive insulation materials. The company has boasted various patents like plastic anchor bolt. It is a national leader in related production equipment and technical field. Polyurethane composite wood and other insulation materials used in exterior wall are high-efficient insulation integrated with fire retardant, waterproof, heat resistant and preservation properties.  “Made-in-Wuhu” products have won wide attention from visitors.


    Translated by Li Junting from Wuhu FAO