Chery Car Is Trading With 46 Countries in “Road and Belt” Countries


    Four fifth exportation of Chery cars were sold to “Road and Belt” countries in 2016. Since 2001, Chery has built complete sales and service networks in developing countries and new markets, such as, Russia and Ukraine in east Europe, Syria and Iran in Middle East, Egypt and Algeria in north Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia in southeast Asia.


    In 2016Chery expanded its industrial park in Iran. Based on the existing production capacity of 60,000 cars, the company constructed a new car park at a capacity of 100,000 cars and main parts. Till the end of 2016, Chery has set up 264 sales and service networks in Iran, among which 80% are individual Chery dealer shops. Over 250,000 Chery cars have been sold in Iran in total. Undoubtedly, Chery has become the biggest foreign-capital auto industry in Iran. 


    As one of the most promising economic belts in the world, “Road and Belt” initiative provides an optimal chance for Chinese enterprises going global.


    Translated by Li Junting from Wuhu FAO