The development of tertiary industry in the past five years

    In 2016, 1,158 main tertiary units in Wuhu achieved a total income of 98.388 billion yuan (development and operation in real estate, wholesaling and retailing, restaurants and hotels were excluded).

    During the 12th five-year period, the modern service industry led by finance, business service, science and hi-tech service, information transmission, software and information technology progressed rapidly.

    In 2015, the modern service achieved an industrial added value at 49.821 billion yuan, 220% than that in 2010. Thirteen provincial-level service industrial parks had been approved, covering finance, modern logistics, cultural innovation, tourism, headquarter economy, exhibition, etc.

    In 2016, 38.08 million people commuted by road.67.62 million tons of goods were transported on road. 8,672,600 travelers chose train as transportation, an increase of 60.2%.  975,300 tons of goods were freighted, a decrease of 29.5%. 181 million tons of goods were transported by water, an increase of 3.6%. 131 million of freight were dealt in ports, an increase of 9.1%. 446,300 cars for civil use were sold locally including 374,900 cars were bought by local residents.4, 317 civil ships were produced.

    In 2015, 120 million tons of goods were shipped, an increase of 81.7% than that in 2010. 501,500 TEU containers were shipped, an increase of 251.1% than that in 2010.

    In 2016, culture and innovation (excluding manufacturing and trade companies) industries got a sales revenue at 9.709 billion yuan. 16 leading companies achieved a sales revenue of over 100 million yuan.

    At the end of 2015, there are 54 key companies in information transmission, increased by 320% than that in 2010. In 2015 alone, 7.816 billion yuan were earned, increased by 344.8%. The information industry was comprised of information transmission, software developers and innovation designing companies.

    During the 12th five-year period, the popularity of fixed broadband installation was 60.7% while the mobile broadband was 47.7%. Ordinary mobile phones were upgraded by 3G or 4G smart phones which had 1,679,000 subscribers. Wuhu was therefore selected as the first model cities of national broadband application and won the title of “smart city”.

    At the end of 2016, the balance of deposits in Wuhu was 291.578 billion yuan while the loan balance was 285.259 billion yuan. For the foreign exchange, the deposit balance was 327.82 million dollars. The city fulfilled a direct financing of 44.469 billion yuan.

    During the 12th five-year period, the city raised an accumulative capital of over 100 billion yuan in capital market including 56 billion yuan was collected from public companies by IPO, SPO, bonds issuing and acquisition. Chery Automobile was the first car producer in China that had its private placement bond. Six companies such as 37 Interactive Entertainment, Conch Venture went public. At present, there are 15 public companies issuing 16 stocks.

     In 2015, the city finished fixed assets investment of 124.904 billion yuan, an increase of 270% than that in 2010. The proportion in service industry grew from 44.7% in 2010 to 46.1% in 2015.

     Wuhu Sculpture Park, Wuhu Fantawild Water Park, Fantawild Oriental Heritage, Yougardens Alcohol Culture Industrial Park, Wuhu National-level Advisement Industrial Park, Dalongfang Designing Industrial Park are in operation. The Second Wuhu Yangtze River Bridge, Macrolink Culture and Tourism, Wuhu Ancient Town are under construction. The upgrading of Wuhu (High-) Train Station has been finished. It is convenient for the local residents to travel from Wuhu to destinations all over China through the high-speed railways. For example, travelers can go to Fuzhou, capital of Fujian province in southern China in Wuwei county or Nanling county, Wuhu city. It only takes 38 minutes from Wuhu to Nanjing from the new train station.


                                       Translated by Li Junting from Wuhu FAO