“Auto brain” exported to the U.S.A

    As the second largest automobile market, America has stringent market access criteria, especially for auto engines. Whether it is accessible to American market is one of the most significant symbols of examining a car brand’s globalization. Recently, Chery has exported 500 self-made engines to the U.S.A. The engines are developed independently by Chery. They are inlet with electro nic control units (ECU), which are usually taken as “auto brain”.

    Chery exported its first engines in 2006 when 2,000 engines were sold to Generac, an American manufacturer of backup power generation products. It was the first time for Chinese-engineering engines sold internationally, which marked domestic engines were accepted by developed countries. Since then, Chery engines opened its overseas markets to Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, India, Germany, Japan and so on. Some clients were Fortune 500 companies. So far, 150,000 engines have been exported from the company.

    Compared with the preceding engines, what is the difference this time? All the control strategies and working parameters this time are defined by Chery itself. The ECU is developed and engineered individually. It is the most important core parts in a car, which functions like a brain. Chery has the self-calibration ECU, which means Chinese car industry has owned the core technologies in making car engines in real sense.


                           Translated by Li Junting from Wuhu FAO