Long rails made in Wuhu widely used in CRH

    North Wuhu Rail Welding Facility (NWRWF), affiliated to Shanghai Railway Administration, is located in Jiujiang district, Wuhu city. It has been in operation since August 2009. The maximum annual capacity is about 2,600 square kilometers. NWRWF is one of the eleven welding facilities in China. Long rail, which means each steel rail is 500 metres long, is totally different from the traditional welding which connects five rails together and each is only 100 metres long. The welding production will not finish without passing 14 processes like visual examination, pre-welding rust removal, rail welding, collar recovery, postweld treatment, precision straightening, precision grinding, non-destructive testing.


     In recent years, NWRWF has produced rails for main CRH routes in East China, which serve nearly 8,000 kilo metres. The long rails used in CRH of Shanghai-Hangzhou and Beijing-Shanghai have set a new record in testing at a respective travelling speed at 416.6km/h and 486.1km/h.

    Translated by Li Junting from Wuhu FAO