Wuhu continues to list on Top 100 Chinese Foreign Trade Cities

    The General Administration of Customs (abbr.GAC) has recently released a list of 2016 Top 100 Foreign Trade Cities in China. Wuhu is ranked the 53th based on its comprehensive performance.


    The grading system not only focuses on the city’s growth pace and size on foreign trade, but also pays more attention to its development quality and motivation. The ranking data are connected to the statistics of the GAC, which is credible and authoritative. The 25 grading factors are covered in competitiveness in foreign trade, structuring, efficiency, development and prospects. Those may reflect a city’s mean corporate strength, relative development pace, ratio of dependence on foreign trade, export scale and constituents, industrial influence, resource endowment, geographic location, policy orientation and so on.


    For years, Wuhu is cultivating in economic stronghold industries of auto making, electrical appliances, new-type materials and cables and wires. Led by local electromechanical products with high added value such as Chery autos and Midea air conditioners, Wuhu has shown a comparative advantage of exports in international division of labor. In the first half of this year, the foreign trade totaled to 24.18 billion yuan RMB, a year-on-year growth of 22.7%. Wuhu’s performance accounted for 14.3% of the whole provincial amount and ranked the second in Anhui. For export, Wuhu realized 15.98 billion yuan while the import was 8.2 billion yuan.

    Translated by Li Junting from Wuhu FAO