Wuhu Machinery Sold Overseas

    Zoomlion (000157.SZ) has focused on developing Chinese-patent  powered gear shift tractor for 4 years. The new product boasts 80AMT, GPS, automatic navigation, which can be operated by pressing one button. It is popular in China, Russia and Southeast Asian countries.

    AS60, a sugarcane reaper, is reformed from wheels to caterpillar track. It is specially designed for southern China where soil and farming habits differ. When AS60 launches, the tradition way of employing high-cost labor from Southeast Asian countries is ended.

     Sugarcane machine reaping rate in China keeps in less than 1%. And the machines are mostly from foreign countries which pay more attention to the farming conditions in Brazil and India. In China, sugarcane is mainly ripe in the rainy season when muddy and sloping roads are easily found. AS60 is superior to the like products in the performance of impurity and stability.

    This summer, the operation is much more comfortable when sitting in the air-conditioned driving chamber. Wheat reaper is able to adjust freely by changing sickle and internal system settings. The wheat reaper is thus transformed to reap soybean, maize and early season rice. When it was put out three years ago, it has been a best seller in Zoomlion.

    For years, the company has been researching on developing straw use solutions. It is estimated that straw industry in China values 1 trillion yuan. It is a pity that straw has not been developed completely. The reuse technology is weak and farmers have to burn it. Zoomlion has made a breakthrough which is used in pulversized back to the farm, collected and made into bio compound fertilizer or fuel.

    So far, there are 17 agricultural equipment manufactuers in Wuhu Modern Agriculture Development Zone.

                             Translated by Li Junting from Wuhu FAO