The industrial performance in the first 7 months

    In the first 7 months, Wuhu has achieved an industrial added value at 88.728 billion yuan, up 8.6%. 60.975 billion yuan is contributed by the four pillar industries, a year-on-year increase of 8.7%. For instance, automobile and parts has realized an industrial added value at 14.957 billion yuan, up 10.2%; Material has achieved 25.374 billion yuan, up 3.8%; Electronics and electrical appliances have completed 14.408 billion yuan, up 16.9%; Wires and cables have created 6.236 billion yuan, up 6.2%. Furthermore, the priority industry of auto and equipment manufacturing has made 39.957 billion yuan, up 10.5%. For instance, 7.002 billion yuan is contributed by fundamental equipment and key basic parts, an increase of 8.8%; 700 million yuan is made by agricultural equipment, up 16.9%; 1.064 billion yuan is completed by logistic equipment and engineering machinery, up 5.6%; 599 million yuan is gotten from aviation and supporting facilities, up 7.6%. 6.155 billion yuan is fulfilled by ships and supporting facilities, up 2.6%.


    The strategic new industries have achieved an industrial added value at 22.944 billion yuan, up 17.4%. For instance, energy-saving and eco-friendly industry has made 3.267 billion yuan, up 11.7%; New-generation information technology has achieved 8.321 billion yuan, up 17.5%; Bio industry has completed 1.142 billion yuan, up 22.2%; Hi-tech equipment manufacturing has made 3.826 billion yuan, up 15.5%; New energy industry has finished 2.084 billion yuan, up 29.3%. New materials industry has contributed 2.917 billion yuan, up 7.3%. New-energy vehicles has fulfilled 1.387 billion yuan, up 42.2%.


    Furthermore, the hi-tech industry has made an industrial added value at 48.289 billion yuan, up 17%.

                           Translated by Li Junting from Wuhu FAO